The Power of Words

I find it increasingly difficult to keep up with my desired posting frequency, not so much for a lack of time for putting fingers on keyboard as such, but lack of time which is entirely switched off from any corporate consideration. Otherwise, it is a matter (or a lack) of creativity.

Over the years, I have made several attempts in stretching my creative capacity in writing, but to no fruitful avail. It was indeed at those moments of mental block when I particularly admired the artistic talent of book authors. When I read about those successful wordsmiths at the Jaipur Literature Festival in the Economist, therefore, I could not help but feel envious of them. As a corporate executive through overseas postings, I also feel for Pavan Varma's comment - "It’s not that the foreign service necessarily gives you more time, but it does keep you [on foreign postings] out of the rat race by the sheer distance from the racing track" - as India's current head of foreign ministry's cultural activities, though I do not have even a fraction of his artistic feat as mentioned in the Economist's article.

I had read successful authors' writing about the exercise (or the art) of writing - George Orwell, John Irving, William Styron, etc. - and the common sensation aroused was one from toiling hard work and perseverance. But for those talents who make it part-time in writing alongside their other full-time careers, I really wonder how they did it.


Jade Meng said…
Hi, V, I just added a Top Commentor widget on my blog and found out you are the Top 1 commentor. Thank you, for words have power!

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