The Art of Alignment

To do a presentation , one needs to be convicted of its content to do it well - meaning captivating the audience and convincing them of whatever messages the presentation was intended for. Preparation is key, for both the substance and format of the content to be well built in. But the style of delivery is of equal importance. Indeed a presentation process is one which delivers the whole package of what the presenter stands for - his ideas, beliefs, values and character, and all that of who he works for. But it is ultimately a process of building trust with the audience, hence the pre-requisite for conviction.

A good tip is to imagine oneself playing a leading character on stage for a good show time.

On the other or receiving end, however, it is usually more a matter of attitude than anything else which determines to what extent one wants to take in the presenter's messages and contribute to any subsequent exchange in ideas. For one who chooses to listen, an open-minded attitude is often the key to reaching an alignment in views. It does not necessarily mean that one always has to be an obsequious yes-man in a corporate environment. But a higher level does command a bigger picture than others viewed from lower levels, and hardly anyone is in a position to see the whole picture from all angles at the same time. So humbleness often pays off.

Another good tip, therefore, is to play a good (but not dumb) student in class.

In any case, train ones EQ and keep the ego in check.


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