Love is in the Air

During our last Christmas break, it's the second time we - daddy daughter - went up towards the sky under one parachute together. The first time dated back to probably 6 years ago.

The locations were different - first in Bali and second in Penang - as were the sensations. The first occasion was kind of a predicament from the start. As I continued to hold tight onto the two straps - one on each hand - which I was supposed to let go immediately after being airborne, the parachute only ascended up to a low altitude and began to reverse its course, ie, descend! But I wasn't immediately aware of it and only after a while I asked my little girl in front "Are we falling?" She said yes, then, instinctively I let go of the straps and "Whoops" we were pulled right back up. What an experience!

For the second occasion, we were like professionals, ascending smoothly and landing softly. But what made this ride truly euphoric to me were our exchanges, in both English and Chinese, immediately after being airborne:
"I love you very very much."
"I love you very very very much."


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