It's all about Timing!

It was kind of fascinating to listen to someone - an entrepreneur - recalling the previous cycles of economic downturn. More enlightening is about how he hit the business opportunities that came by after the downturn was sustained. Perhaps an over-simplification of a success story, but it is not far from the truth that it is always about doing the right thing at the right time.

Now at a stage of semi-retirement and in a position to pick and choose clienteles which come by without over-stretching his capacity - even in face of the current economic crisis - he is smugly focusing on enjoying life, particularly on maintaining his health to enjoy life luxuries.

As a corporate executive, I may likewise recall previous cycles of hard times - though more of self-inflicted blunders and faux pas - and perhaps even one narrow escape from corporate fatality. But I seem yet to benefit from a right timing of doing the right thing to mark my turn - if there is indeed a turn as mine.

Nevertheless, no less thought-provoking was meeting somebody's daughter - in her early 30s - who told me that our last encounter was during her teenage, as was revisiting those places when I first set foot on 15 years ago. I hope my sanity of mind improves with age as the world passes me by.


Daniel Ng said…
I agreed success come from hard work and doing the right thing in the right time or even in the right place, but i do believe sometime we also need to have a little bit of luck..good fortune might also explain why some people do really well in one setting, and then fail in another.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and your family!

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