Mr Jackson

Perhaps nothing in the corporate world causes more spoilage of economic and human resources than the evil combination of kleptocracy, cronyism and territory - if not empire as such - building.

The tale of Mr Jackson is certainly not restricted to only consultants, but any manager in a position to command or influence the allocation of resources within a company. Corporate history is littered with smokescreen created by suckers, who readily advocate throwing money as the convenient solution to all problems.

It is, however, hardly a surprise, but only a matter of degree in prevalence, as wastage of different kinds bounds to be draining economies' resources - destroying value - at any point in time.

Leadership is not just about setting the vision and commanding from the high horse, but taking the gloves off and getting the hands dirty to solve problems - reallocating resources, giving guidance, taking issues, fixing the missing links, filling in the gaps, etc, all in all, taking ownership of problems.

But, sadly, other than sheer incompetence, leaders may fail out of two common causes: when power corrupts the mind and when ignorance blinds the sight.

On the bright side of things, every crisis usually comes with an opportunity. However, it takes wisdom and courage to seize it. 


Avatar said…
"Every crisis usually comes with an opportunity." That's true, reminds me of Albert Einstein sayings, "In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity."

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