As the idea of complacency is usually associated with that of laziness, it is readily interpreted negatively. However, the context matters.

If the complacent mentality basically results from a person's satisfaction of what he owns, his status or his current state of affairs, there may be nothing fundamentally wrong with it. Indeed, it could even be a virtue - as opposed to greed. Is it not Buddha's teaching for one to be content with oneself?

But it is usually in the business context that complacency is considered more as a vice than virtue, because it is certainly not a quality accountable for growth. On the contrary, it is surely an impediment to value creation.

Business leaders may fall into the complacency trap without being consciously aware of it: By being occupied with seemingly planning, worse, busily talking, the execution part is often missing. That's why, to the extent that it drives results, micro-management could be a good thing.


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